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Building a Parent Community

Nothing comes easy in life! Being a parent is surely a hard vocation which requires a lot of hard work, patience, physical and mental strength, determination and perseverance. Even though parenting is not easy, its super rewarding and life fulfilling.

We are working towards building an online community for parents in Malta, whereby parents can help each other with any related topic. We want to make it easier for parents to connect, building a network which helps and supports each other.

Parents using the group can use if for things like:

Paediatric and health topics: “Hi, whom would you recommend as a Paediatric in the central area who can also do house visits please?

Coordinating Care: “Hi parents! A holiday is coming up on Tuesday and I need to find a very inexpensive drop in a child care center for my daughter…”

Trading Ideas and Resources: “Any suggestions for websites/apps for educational learning games? Did ABC Mouse last year — feel like that is better for younger kids…”

Organising parties: “Good morning! My son’s birthday is coming up soon and I am looking for some venue recommendations up in the north where we can host a kids party (5yrs old) having a decent recreational space…”

Social Help: “Parents who have toys in good state and are willing to give them for charity can do so at school xyz on the given dates, which toys will be sent to country A for us to make the kids there super happy. Thank you all that have donated already!

Educational Help: “Help, my daughter needs help with her spelling!” (A few minutes later, another parent posted a link of great resources for word lists.)

What would you want to talk about with other parents?

Join our Facebook group and share it your friends.

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