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We’re living a busy life

People in general are increasingly becoming busy. Expectant parents are even more so…especially if this is not their first baby. Between fitting in pre-natal classes, doctor’s appointments, baby showers and other preparations for your little one’s big arrival, the list of things that a baby needs can be endless and challenging at the same time. Manoeuvring through the web to find the best baby essentials (and even some irresistible non-essentials) does not need to be a hassle. Online baby stores may not be the same route that our parents used when they were having kids, but these days the internet makes our lives much easier and the search for baby items is painless. No epidural needed. You just relax in the comfort of your own home while ticking off your list.

Advantages of buying online

Surfing the internet for products is a great way to take advantage of offers and special prices that only online retailers can offer. Not to mention the smile your partner will have when you tell him he won’t have to walk into another store or drive you to a respective store after a long day at work. Our website provides you with detailed pictures and comprehensive description of products that we sell, and you can also view a vast array of different colours and patterns.

Additionally, our online store is never closed, and you are able to shop according to your own time frame. Limited time and lack of accessibility will never be an issue when using our online shop.

Online prices are almost always lower than in any other retail store, and you don’t even have to worry about shipping expenses since our online store is locally (Malta) based.

Make more out of your time by shopping online

Preparing for your little munchkin can be quite a handful job. However, our online store will make sure you can get everything you need quickly at a low price and will work with you to avoid any hassles. This is what we aim to provide you with at Wrap Your Love. Whether you are preparing for the arrival of a new baby or just searching for a baby gift make sure you visit our online store where you will find baby necessities suitable from birth.

Accessories, bedding, bath items, feeding utensils, clothing, decorations, gifts and toys all categories which you can find in our online store. Last but not least we also provide hand made gifts which are made with love and care. These unique gifts consist of baby diaper cakes, hampers, floral arrangement in a pot made from baby clothing and so much more. While such gifts will be greatly appreciated by the mum and dad to be, they can also be tailor made to meet everyone’s budget.

There are various ways to show your love and affection, but why not show your love wrapped in a gift.



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